Special Events
2023 Terry Luechtefeld Memorial Race

Terry Luechtefeld Memorial Race
August 12th

Race Day Flyer


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Only 1 Time Run for all Classes


Entry Fee $55 & Buy Backs $30

Guaranteed Payout

Win $1500

R/Up $300


Double Entries allowed (no restriction)
Two Colors will be used
Double Entries must let the tech booth know which color is earning points
It is the Double entries responsibility to return to the lanes
No entry/s will hold up racing waiting for second entry to get back to staging.  

2nd entry will not receive special consideration in regards to: cooling, fueling...

1st rd Bye Run will be random draw
2nd rd Normal Bye Run (Best Reaction) Ties Flip a coin
Class Entries will be combined at 3 entries or less in either color
Lane Choice will be 1st come 1st serve (If stacked in one lane; front entry has lane choice)

CCD doesn't guarantee you may not have to run yourself


When laddered:
When combined and two racers are caring the bye; they will flip a coin for the bye
Lane Choice will be flip of a coin
Bye Car always has Lane Choice no matter what round

Class Colors will be combined for Time Run
(Only 1 Time Run Per Driver Per Class)

Regular NHRA & CCD Rules apply for Speed & ET

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