2018 NHRA Division 3 Bracket Finals (13-16 Sept)
Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis

Don't forget if you have raced at least 3 times between now & 26 August you still can make the team

Bracket Finals Entry Race Away
That's right "RACE AWAY" not a give away!
Sunday, 26 August
 "RACE AWAY" winner will receive an entry on "TEAM CCD for the NHRA Division 3 Bracket Finals at Indy

(See the bottom of this page for more Info)

This is just a friendly reminder that all ET Finals competitors must have a valid NHRA License and Membership number to compete at ET Finals. 
This must be processed or renewed BEFORE we can submit you on our Bracket Finals roster. 
You must have your licensing completed before I can submit your name on the roster.

Applications can be found at: http://promod.nhra.com/userfiles/file/Level6and7Sportsman.pdf   
Class Entries
as of 8/20
Total Entries
as of 8/20
% of Total Entries
per class
Total Bracket
Finals Slots
Total BF Slots X % of Total Entries   Bracket Finals
Equals Total Bracket Final Entries for that Class
S/P 341 1322 26% 36 9.29 9 S/P
Pro 576 1322 44% 36 15.69 16 Pro
Sportsman 405 1322 31% 36 11.03 11 Sportsman
Bike         Brian Davis 1 Bike
Race Away         Wes Butler 1 Pro
Total Entries 1322   100.0%     38 Total Entries


As of 28 Aug

Team CCD 2018
 "Go Big or Go Home"
S/P Pro Sportsman Bike
Denny Katz (RoC) Sara Cassady (RoC) Jim Treat (RoC) Brian Davis (RoC)
John Smiley Max Lang Sara Cassady  
Eric Willenborg Ron Hill Katrina Shain   
Corey Butler Jim Treat Gene Horner Alternates
Sam Zahnd Jim Jessup  Jesse Brant Jim Falbe (Alt)
Doug Hermann Tim Weaver Kelly Edwards Nick Harlin (Alt)
Carl Giovanetti Rob Fisher Thomas Grover Larry Lyons (Alt)
Adam Hughes Gale Cook Nick Harlin  
Brad Olmsted Terry Willard Derek Lyons  
Ellis Buth Wes Mills Ryan Butler Team Captain
Chad Isley Ellis Buth   Suzie Peeler
  Bill Bosler    
  Tom Harlin    
  Kelly Edwards    
  Keli Dhom    
  Wes Butler    

"RACE AWAY" Rules for 26 Aug:

You must of raced at CCD 3 times by 26 Aug to enter
Box & No-Box will be separate until 1 class reaches 1 entry and then combined
Rules for Combined Class will be those of the class with more entries. If more No-Box entries, then the blinder will be removed.
Entry Fee is $20 (All entry fees will go toward "TEAM CCD" Bracket Finals fund) with NO Buy Backs.
Bracket Finals Entry is non-transferable and must be used by winner.
In the event the winner can't attend; it will be offered to the Runner-Up and then down the line in alphabetical & round loss order.
Winning entry can be used in S/P, Pro, Sportsman or S/P Bike.
If this is the winner 2nd entry into the Bracket Finals; it is the winners responsibility to have a legal 2nd entry to drive or ride for the class chosen.
You must of enter one of CCD regular entries that race day
This race will start at 4th round of regular racing schedule

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