Points 101

Points are accumulated as follows for Summit ET Racing:

1pt for showing up each round and taking a light (green or red). Activating the tree, under its own power and forward motion once yellows are activated.

1pt for each round win

1pt for each race category win

Example: Lose 1st round (1pt), buy back and win 2nd round (2pt)  and lose 3rd round (1pt) would equal 4pts
Win 1st round (2pt), win 2nd round (2pt) and lose 3rd round (1pt) would equal 5 pts
Win 1st round (2pt), break in water box 2nd round (0pt) would equal 2 pts
Win 1st round (2pt), win 2nd round (2pt), win 3rd round (2pt) and win 4th round (2pt) for race category win (1pt) would equal 9pts

Points are accumulated as follows for:
Racer Appreciation Invitational Race / SRT Racing Transmission Giveaway:

2021 Racer Appreciation will be run on 16 April 2022

1pt for each paid entry (S/P, Pro & Sportsmen)
1pt for each round run

Points are only accumulated during Summit ET race days through September 26, 2021.  These points can be found under our points tab listed as "SRT"

Example: Enter Pro & SPT (2pt), lose 1st rd both classes (2pt), buy back and lose 2nd rd both classes (2pt) would equal 6 pts
             Enter Pro & SPT (2pt), win 1st rd both classes (2pt), win 2nd round one class (2pt) and lose 3rd round one class (1pt) would equal 7 pts
             Enter Pro & SPT (2pt), win 1st rd 1 class (2 pt), buy back 1 class and win 2nd rd both class (2pt) and lose 3rd round both class (2pt) would equal 8 pts

Anyone earning at least 40 points will be entered into a "Racer Appreciation" free race on April 16, 2022 with the winner receiving $200, Runner-Up $100 & Semi-Finalist $50. This race will be run using a .500 Full Tree not utilizing crosstalk.  If a racer wants “Cross-Talk” off put a circled “N” near car numberNormal two rounds of buybacks will be used at $20 each.

Anyone not earning 40 SRT points during the season can enter the race for $40. 

***Must enter one regular class being run that day for free "Racer Appreciation" entry***

Any racer earning at least 55 points before 26 September 2021 will be entered into a drawing for a Powerglide Transmission built by Snearly Racing Transmission of Bethany, IL.  This transmission will be drawn for at the 2021 Racers banquet in Jan 2022 and you must be present at the time of the drawing to win.

Points Disputes:

Any point’s disputes must be brought to the tracks attention within 6 days of race date; otherwise points posted are considered final.
Rod & Donna Viehland (217) 345-7777 or colescountydragway@gmail.com

Jr. Dragster points disputes can be brought up to the Jr Dragster Coordinators (Ron & Jodie Lee) or CCD.
Ron & Jodie Lee (217) 218-1510 or jodrace18@gmail.com

Special Circumstances

1) A ET, Quick or Index racer may buy a run card for a race/s he/she can't make, but must be done before the 1st round of next race and they will receive 1pt.  ET & Quick racers holding gold cards may do the same but must be done in writing before 1st time run of the next race.

2) A Jr. Dragster racer may buy a run card for up to 2 Races to include Gold Card holders he/she can't make, but must be done before the 1st round of next race and they will receive 4 points.  Jr. Dragster racers holding a gold card may do the same but must done before the 1st time run of the next race.

3) No points will be issued for any race canceling before the gates are considered "opened".

(Posted 12/18/2012)
(Updated 1/20/2014)
(Updated 12/31/2015)

Bracket Finals Entry Race Away
That's right "RACE AWAY" not a give away!


Don't forget if you have raced at least 3 times between now & 21 August you still can make the team

 "RACE AWAY" winner will receive an entry on "TEAM CCD for the NHRA Division 3 Bracket Finals at Indy

"RACE AWAY" Rules for 21 Aug:

You must of raced at CCD 3 times by 21 Aug (to include 21 Aug Race) to enter
Box & No-Box will be separate until 1 class reaches 1 entry and then combined
Rules for Combined Class will be those of the class with more entries. If more No-Box entries, then the blinder will be removed.
Entry Fee is $40 (All entry fees will go toward "TEAM CCD" Bracket Finals fund) with NO Buy Backs.
Bracket Finals Entry is non-transferable and must be used by Winner & R/Up.
In the event the winner can't attend; it will be offered to the Runner-Up and then down the line in alphabetical & round loss order.
Winning entry can be used in S/P, Pro, Sportsman or S/P Bike.
If this is the winner 2nd entry into the Bracket Finals; it is the winners responsibility to have a legal 2nd entry to drive or ride for the class chosen.
You must of enter one of CCD regular entries that race day
This race will start at 4th round of regular racing schedule

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Track Phone: 217-345-7777 - Rods Phone: 217-512-0673
Email: colescountydragway@gmail.com

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