Hall of Fame Inductee - John Allen

Like many other racers and CCD hall of fame members, John Allen got his start drag racing during the first generation of CCD racers back in 1966 in a 1957 Chevy that was followed by a 1955 Chevy, 1968 Roadrunner, back to a Chevrolet bowtie in the mid 70's with a stout little 1964 Chevy II, which was followed by the unique Buick Opel and then the Buick Regal War Zone, which was one tough customer in the 90's with different drivers behind the wheel.  John last race car was a 3rd generation Camaro which was raced briefly before being sold Sadly, he was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in 2010, but like many good racers fought the good fight and lost his battle in 2012......he passed his love of drag racing to his son and grandson, and many war stories to those who raced with him and against him.




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